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Studio Visit Magazine ~ 2014

My work has been selected for inclusion in the 2014 issue of Studio Visit Magazine, a juried annual collection of art from around the United States. You’ll find a couple of my most popular paintings on pages 158-9, along with examples of  work from about 150 other contemporary artists working in a wide variety of media and styles.

You can get a copy of Studio Visit here. Be sure to ask for Volume 26.

Studio Visit Magazine


A Secret Passage Way

The ongoing Facebook project ‘A Secret Passage Way’ has been published with more than 50 photographs spanning the world and it is quite wonderful ~ if I may say so. All our success!

Late last night we finished posting the digital exhibition of ‘A Secret Passage Way’ on BerkshireFineArts. (BFA) It is there today in first position under articles and will rotate with others in the project space on the home page. It can quickly be accessed under Projects, where it will remain.

Now, the second FaceBook page also named Astrid A. Hiemer will also remain dedicated to the passages project. As I wrote in the introduction to the photo exhibition, several photos still have to be reposted to FB, because they ‘disappeared.’ I realized that fact, while searching my FB-pages and will do so asap. First things, first!
There may be small changes that some of you may ask for. I was not sure of all the countries in which participants live/work.
So, let us all celebrate! It has been a truly enriching four months, while the project grew and we had many email, FB, or personal exchanges and conversations about the project, art and life in general.

Here now the direct link to the BFA article/project:
~ Astrid Heimer

!! Save The Date !!

Newton Open Studios 2014 will be here soon.
Please join me for a light “all day” lunch at my studio for once a year sale where I will showcase my newest work.
Dates: April 5 & 6, 2014
Time: 11 AM – 5 PM
Location: The Painted Lady in Newton
The Painted Lady was dressed in snow on the mailed invitation.
If the snow hasn’t melted by April, you will still recognize her.
We hope she will be flaunting her colors by April!
 open studios house    house in winter
Rosenberg Art Studio
153 Lincoln Street
Newton Highlands MA 02461


Samples Sale!

Were $2700. Now reduced to $750!

These 40″x40” gallery wrapped giclees have hung in our gallery and have been displayed at shows.

All are individually signed and numbered from limited edition print runs of 100 in good condition on heavy canvas and sturdy stretchers with UV protection. We are selling them below cost.

You won’t see these prices again.

Pick yours up at my studio in Newton, or we will meet you within 50 miles of Newton in any direction–except the Atlantic Ocean! UPS shipping is not included at this special price.

Reserve yours now before they’re gone!

Call 617-543-3456 or contact Rosenberg Art Studio today.

Newton Open Studios

April 5, 6, 7

Friday evening 5:30 to 9, Saturday and Sunday 11 to 5

Please join us Friday for the opening party at “Art at the Painted Lady on Lincoln”.
Good company, wonderful environment, coffee and refreshments being served.
Art that makes you smile.
This is our 4th year and we have lots of new artwork, plus…

Introducing Alphabet Art Studio…for as little as $30, we design your name with Ann’s artwork.
You can use it however you like.
We can print it for you to frame or we can frame it.
Sale of dozens of sample framed names below cost.
First come, first served.

Last year the heat was killer. We are looking forward to a sunny, temperature-just-right spring weekend.

Special Coupon Sale

We are having an inventory reduction sale on Giclees. Any artwork already for sale will be reduced. For example, we will be selling our framed Giclees on archival cotton rag paper at unframed pricing. Framing is free.

32″ x 32″ framed Giclee on cotton rag that sell at $750 are now $550.

The 40″ x 40″ canvas Giclees that we have sold for $2700 are reduced for the weekend to $1000 for in-stock items and $1300 for custom orders.

No other coupons may be redeemed with this sale. Free shipping is not available with this sale.

Woman of Words

Ann Salk Rosenberg – One Woman Show

Gallore Gallery
68 Washington Street – Middletown, CT
Sept 1 to Sept 30 (Closed Sundays)
Opening Reception Sept 8th – 6 pm to 10 pm
Click HERE for directions
Call 869 788 2467 for questions

Northampton Paradise City: Where the Wild Things Are

May 26, 27 and 28 we spent in beautiful Northampton Ma at the Paradise City Arts Festival.

The theme of the joint artist show was Where the Wild Things Are.

My cat named fish took center stage.CAT NAMED FISH

The cat is the first of my many charming  animals on the drawing board.

Not wild on the face of it but the Fish named Cat would disagree.

It was at least 100 degrees in the main barn and no A/C. We now know what baked potatoes feel like.

We met wonderful people and my artwork will now grace many more homes.

Thanks to all the artists, promoters, art patrons for a wonderful experience.

A special thanks to my husband Larry for schlepping 1200 pounds of displays and artwork

The following clip is from Stephanie was all set to interview me when she got called to a breaking news story!


Newton Open Studios 2012




                            Newton couple helping out the

             American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts

newton artist rosenberg 1
                                                                                            Wicked Local staff photo by Kate Flock

Newton artist Ann Salk Rosenberg, and her husband Larry Rosenberg, in Ann’s home studio. She has donated the painting to the American Red Cross of Mass Bay, where Larry is Chairman of Disaster Services. The couple will also host during Newton’s Open Studios in May.

By Chloe Gotsis
Posted Mar 21, 2012 @ 10:00 AM
Newton —

Larry Rosenberg has been honored by the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts numerous times for the countless hours he’s spent helping families after naturals disasters and victims of devastating fires.

But one of the most important honors comes from his wife Ann Salk Rosenberg.

Ann Rosenberg is an artist and is donating 250 signed and personalized posters of her artwork to the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts for a gala this Thursday, March 22. She is also loaning her painting, “American Sunrise,” to the event for the evening and a large percentage of the proceeds of its sale will go toward the American Red Cross for disaster relief.

“It just shows that she recognizes that I do this and this is a way for her to show me that she supports me and the cause that I support,” said Rosenberg, who has volunteered for the American Red Cross of Mass Bay for more than 12 years and is the current volunteer partner to the CEO. “I really appreciate it. She recognizes that I do something to support something and that she supports it also.”

Larry Rosenberg spends about 20 to 25 hours a week volunteering for the American Red Cross and was the former chairman of disaster services. He caught the volunteering bug 12 years ago when he drove by a roaring fire at the Omni Supermarket in Chestnut Hill and saw Red Cross trucks outside.

The trucks sparked his curiosity and he wondered about the American Red Cross, a charity he’d associated with giving blood. Rosenberg set up an appointment the following week to learn about volunteering and has never stopped.

He was the liaison at Logan Airport between the families of victims and officials on Sept. 11, 2001.

“It’s what I want to do — helping people and giving back to your community,” he said.

After 12 years, Larry Rosenberg is now one of the senior volunteers at the Kendall Square Red Cross Office. The American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts’ CEO Jarrett Barrios describes Larry Rosenberg as the “voice at many policy tables within the Red Cross.”

“He is just an amazing and inspirational person,” Barrios said. “His humble but persuasive approach is never intimidating. It’s frankly just sort of the thing that invites new people in. There’s never enough volunteers.”

Her bold and colorful paintings have been a source of solace and comfort for Ann Rosenberg over the year. In 1984 she was mistakenly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and by 1994 she was completely disabled. Having only taken a couple of painting classes, Rosenberg picked up a paintbrush five years later and realized the relief it provided her even if she was only able to paint in five minute time blocks.


New Painting — Ghost Of A Chance / Bet On Yourself


Ann has completed a new Woman Of Words painting, Ghost Of A Chance / Bet On Yourself …

Can you Bet On Yourself? Can you solve the puzzle? Anyone who can solve the puzzle will have their name put into the raffle box and we will pull out one winner. The prize is $500 in credit toward any artwork from Rosenberg Art Studio. Deadline 12/31/11.

Contact Ann with your solution.

“The fine print”: Your name, phone number and email must be provided. This cannot be redeemed for cash. Good only through Saturday, December, 31, 2011.